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Boutique management consulting company in Singapore offering business design, change management, organizational development, sustainability and sustainable innovation management consulting services.

About Us


An enlightened world with the collective success of empowered organizations in virtuous ventures coupled with inclusive talent developments amidst nurturing corporate cultures.


We are the Activator, Builder, Catalyst, Developer and Enabler of businesses and talents using empathy study, research knowledge, user experience design and digital tools in creative executions of proven innovation methodologies and talent-expertise development programs for the 21st Century.



Cool visionaries beyond the 21st century

Authentic leaders with righteous practice

Purpose-driven in meaningful causes

Smarter workers over technology

Impactful to individuals and society sustainably

Players in serious fun, enjoying life and work

Innovative, leveraging creativity

Who Are We?

We pride ourselves as a Singapore-based agile boutique management consulting and training firm empowering businesses with innovation capabilities and equipping individuals or PMEs with 21st-century skills to take charge of ever-evolving opportunities. 


OnlyVenture’s inception in 2016 marked the start of assimilating real-world industry practices with academic research knowledge and frameworks in producing exponential results in a sustaining format. Our team of consultants and trainers is comprised of industry-experienced professionals and academic researchers working in unison to drive innovations in a ‘VUCA’ world for a better tomorrow.


The two complementary arms of our business are:


  • Management Consulting

  • Training & Coaching


Our management consulting services are bespoke. We are your comrades-in-arms in co-strategizing and co-creating sustaining solutions uniquely for you and your organization.


Our training & coaching services are a myriad of bespoke (one-to-one) and group learning and delivery with respect to the needs of our participants. We provide individual mentoring or group coaching workshops using various delivery channels. Delivery can be in a physical workshop, via online platforms or blended modes depending on the requirements of our participants. Individual participants can also sign up for our certified-industry-professional eLearning programs to do on-demand learning at anytime and anywhere. Interactive learning happens on our dual platforms through the Web or phone App powered by our Learning Management System (LMS), thus learners can truly learn in bite-sized at their convenience.

Delivering Collective and Personal Benefits to You

Providing you with business consulting services and executive trainings.

  • Smart Leadership 4.0

  • Smart Organizational Design & Development

  • Workplace Learning Design

  • Business Design with Design Thinking

  • User Experience, UI/UX Design

  • Innovation Boost

  • Product + Service Innovations

  • Agile X Smart Work

  • SCRUM Project Management 

  • Venture Building & Start-ups

  • Digital Marketing

  • Market Intelligence & Data Analytics

  • Business Fund Raising

  • Financial Management & Credit Risk Analysis

  • Merger & Acquisition, Joint Venture or Partnership

  • Life & Career Advisory and Mentoring

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