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Our Team Is Your Team

Our Team of Domain Experts
Management Consultants

  • Business Design Thinker

  • Ethnographic and User Researcher

  • Market Researcher

  • CX Customer Experience Specialist

  • UI/UX User Interface and User Experience Designer

  • Business & Data Analyst

  • Industrial and Product Designer

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Organizational Design & Development Specialist

  • Organization Psychologist

  • Talent Developer

  • Training Program Developer

  • Corporate Finance Specialist 

    • Merger & Acquisition ​

    • Business Valuation 

    • Fund Raising

OnlyVenture 21st Century Servant Leader

Mr. Jesuit Loh is the Chief Venture Officer with a wealth of experience in management consulting and executive training. An expert in the Servant Leadership style of management with a record of successful executive training deliveries for corporate leaders, managers and executives in Singapore and internationally. An Entrepreneur who embraces the challenges business leaders face and knows insightfully what it takes to build a strong company for corporate sustainable growth in the 21st century volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous 'VUCA' world. 

Jesuit Loh

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Discover for yourself the specially curated online courses we offer to aspiring individuals to up their ante as Industry 4.0 certified professionals. Come and get a professional certificate from a globally recognized industry professional certifying body.

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