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Scrum Fundamental Certification 

Form a foundational knowledge of Scrum with our Scrum Fundamental Certification (SFC). In this course, you will be taught the essence of Scrum for agile project management, making you a valuable team member in Scrum-focused projects. Suitable for anyone interested in knowing about Scrum Project Management and getting certified in Scrum Fundamentals.

Scrum Agile Master Certification 

Become an expert in Scrum Agile. Practice Agile principles and Scrum methodologies on any given project with our Scrum Agile Master Certification (SAMC). Prepare you with all the essential skills for effective decision-making in deciding which methods will be most suited for a project, for the project's success amidst the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) conditions. 

Scrum Master Certification 

Every scrum project needs a scrum master, will this be you? Become a certified scrum master who plays a vital role in project success. Including facilitating, coaching and providing scrum guidance to team members for a scrum-orientated team environment. No prerequisites are required. 

Scrum Product Owner Certification

Advancing your project management path by stepping into a leadership role in project management scope as a product owner with our Scrum Product Owner Certification (SPOC). Play a vital role in shaping the project's direction and success, and be the point of contact between various stakeholders. Unleash your career success in project management with Scrum Product Owner Certification today.

Scrum Developer Certification

No Scrum project can ever survive without a Scrum developer. Become a certified Scrum developer and begin your career in project management as a Scrum developer with our Scrum Developer Certification (SDC) today. Learn the basic principles and framework essential for the Scrum developer role, for an effective team member contributable to project success.