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an offering handshake to begin a journey of a selected bespoke service, covering all the essentials for business and professionals to thrive in the 21st century.

Unravel and develop the hidden talents in you, through our bespoke programs. Our original programs have impacted many individuals and organizations facing the multi-faceted challenges of the 21st century.


Each time, each program is fine-tuned to address your unique context, needs and wants. Delivery and learning of the program are carried out in any means and channels that cater to the requirements of the participant(s). Physical one-to-one or personalized engagement mode forms the core of what we do whilst new learning and delivery modes like Blended Learning, eLearning and technology tools-assisted learning are but complementary tools, used as and when only they serve practical help.

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The 21st Century presents unique opportunities but with its unique challenges too. OnlyVenture advocates the optimal use of new management practices and tools coupled with sound fundamental principles to tackle every unique issue. Innovation management practices like AGILE, SCRUM, Design Thinking and new management tools like LEAN Startup and Business Model Canvas, to name a few.


The multi-disciplinary team of OnlyVenture with a cumulative wealth of experience from both industry and research backgrounds attend to each case with collective wisdom, blending various management practices with absolute finesse.



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Agility, skills and knowledge are the keys to talent development in the 21st-century era.


Are you or your organization equipped with 21st-century in-demand skills like innovation, quality management, digital marketing and cyber-security, just to name a few?


Talent development happens at one’s own time, own pace at one’s fingertips through our proprietary certified industry professionals online programs with global recognitions.



Bite-sized articles and papers sharing the ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ on industry trends, smart leadership, talent management, emerging knowledge and skills in the industry 4.0 era. 

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