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Are You Rich? Answer is coded...

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Do you have Health? Healthy body and mind is the most invaluable possession one could ever have.

Do you have Time? One can always be so busy but no knowing that time flies by. The most simplest pleasures of life like admiring your serenade surroundings are to be paid by using your time as you can't paid somebody to deliver the pleasure.

Do you have Money? This is what you slog for ... if you derive no pleasure in your work.

Life is what encompasses all your riches in your world. And it includes spiritual richness to make your life complete. So you could now answer for yourself ... "Am I Rich?"

P.S. I am thankful to be an executive career coach and startup mentor in helping executives and companies drive impact and purpose.

Article by Jesuit Loh, Chief Venture Officer at OnlyVenture Consulting


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