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Design thinking and innovation workshop by OnlyVenture

Business Design & Innovation ™


In this Design Thinking for Business Innovation & Transformation workshop, participants will learn and make use of Design Thinking and LEAN Startup principles and tools to co-create innovations or solutions for their company as a team of co-workers in different disciplines. 

Program Details

Our Design Thinking Workshop Includes:

  • Introducing the Design Thinking process and the 4D of Design Thinking framework

    • Discovery 

    • Defining

    • Designing

    • Delivering

  • Knowing and applying the ‘Discovery’ stage using:

    • Primary and Secondary research tools (various)

    • Empathy Study

  • Knowing and applying the ‘Defining’ stage

    • Objectively addressing problems and or clients’ pain points 

    • ​​Crafting Personas 

  • Knowing and applying the ‘Designing’ stage using 

    • Design Thinking tools (various)

    • User Journey Mapping with Customer Experience (CX)

    • Quick Prototyping (with UI/UX Design)

  • Knowing and applying the ‘Delivering’ stage 

    • Implementing and operating solutions hence launching product or service commercialisation. 


This workshop is suitable for:

Tertiary Students, Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) in all disciplines who aspire to champion creativity, innovation for themselves and to design solutions or innovations for their companies. 

Workshop Outcomes:

The most rewarding or gratifying part of the workshop would be towards the end of the workshop when participants have co-created a prototype or solution and become the inventors or innovators, following workshop completion.


Our OnlyVenture Design Thinking applied learning and hands-on workshop will also equip participants with the skills to design solutions or innovations for their companies. Be it new inventions, products, services or revolutionising the business value chain or work processes within their organizations. 

Participation requirements during workshops:

  • Open-mindedness

  • Active participation in open forums, individual and group activities

Workshop Sites:

  • In-person in physical settings

  • Online via Google Meet, MS Teams or any suitable application


Workshop Duration:

  • Customizable between 1 to 2 days, upon our advice and your preferences.



An electronic Certificate of Performance will be awarded, following full attendance and completion of all Design Thinking workshop activities.


Course Fee per pax: 

To be advised.

Please contact us via forms to discuss this further.  

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