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Business Design Consulting

21st Century Innovation

Business Design is the strategic architectural approach to design or redesign your business befitting its ecosystem, its value chain and operating constituents. Designing a business in a holistic and sustaining framework utilizing Design Thinking, System Thinking and operational practice focusing on User or Customer Experience Design backed up by practical Ethnographic Research (User Research).


Organization Design, Cultural Transformation, Organization Development, Talent Development, Market Development and Product Development each become the critical success levers of Business Model Design amidst the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) 21st-century digital world. OnlyVenture Consulting is your navigating partner to unleash the hidden innovative potentials and increase the agility of your company.

Your Authentic Business Partnership

Would you agree with us that an authentic business partnership is all but fundamental to co-creating high-value and impactful business solutions? Our core values for authenticity, purpose and innovation ensure our services hold accountability, in designing optimal and sustainable solutions, cost-effectively, for your company only. 

Our multi-disciplinary teams consist of consultants, each with the least 10 years to excess of 30 years of work experience as practitioners, researchers and academics adept in delivering world-class results to our local and international clients or partners.  

Contact Us

Please feel free to arrange a meeting (an informal one is most welcome) to speak with us, at no obligation or cost. We want to hear from you, be it questions, concerns and ongoing pain points regarding your business or simply to pick our brains. You have our absolute attention, be it an online or in-person meeting.

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