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Digital Marketing Associate Certification

Begin your digital marketing journey with a solid understanding of concepts and fundamental frameworks in this Digital Marketing Fundamental or Associate (SCDM-F) certification. Allowing you to understand the origin of digital marketing, best suited for anyone who just shifted to the digital side of marketing and anyone interested in knowing more about digital marketing basics. 

Digital Marketing Professional Certification

Mastering your digital marketing skills with Digital Marketing Professional certification (SCDM-P). Gain more insightful how-tos in facilitating digital marketing activities. Ensuring solid alignments of digital marketing activities to your corporate marketing strategy, for a smooth running of campaigns amidst technological environments, where new digital tools are constantly introduced to business.


Digital Marketing Specialist Certification

Further advance your digital marketing expertise with Digital Marketing Specialist certification (SCDM-S). Widen your scope of digital marketing understanding. Including initiating the planning, developing and adopting the right digital marketing tools to suit your marketing purposes. For maximum effectiveness in implementing your digital marketing activities, hence achieving the marketing goals.

Digital Marketing Expert Certification

Become an expert in digital marketing in Digital Marketing Expert certification (SCDM-E), develop all the skills needed for you to plan, develop and execute complex digital marketing activities to achieve your product objectives and ensure an overall company's success. 

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