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use LinkedIn to leverage your career opportunity in this digital era, learn how to use LinkedIn for your professional and corporate branding in this 21st century.

Professional Branding 


Digital branding best describes the 21st Century and has taken professional branding to a new paradigm. Individuals and companies must be adept at utilizing digital platforms and positioning themselves professionally in order to stand out in the overcrowded digital media. 


Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn to gain a competitive edge for yourself or your company, professionally.

Program Details

This Program Includes: 

1. Introduction to the Power of LinkedIn

2. Positioning for Professional and Career Success (Theory & Hands-on)

3. Creating a Professional LinkedIn Account with Bio-data (Theory and Hands-on)

4. Review and Critique on selected LinkedIn Accounts (Community of Practice)

5. Introduction to Content Marketing (Theory and Hands-on)

6. Establish Online Connections Professionally with Smart Tips (Theory and Hands-on)

7. Create and Canvass Opportunities (Theory and Hands-on)


Total Training:

Customizable between 3 to 6 hours for your best value returns and preferences.


Schedule of Classes:

Personalizable for your schedule availability best fit, although most classes take place on weekdays.


This workshop is suitable for:

All job roles pertaining to Professionals, Managers, Executives or Technicians (PMETs).

Learners must be proficient in English language and familiar with basic IT and internet skills. 


A Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded to participants after successfully completing workshop tasks and meeting the requirements.


Course Fee per pax: 

To be advised

Please contact us via forms to discuss this further.  

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