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Corporate Sales Associate Certification (SCCS-A)

Corporate Sales Associate Certification (SCCS-A)



This Corporate Sales Associate Certification (professional credentials: SCCS-A) is designed for anyone interested in knowing more about Corporate Sales; learning key concepts in Corporate Sales as defined in the SMstudy® Guide; and gaining a basic understanding of the Sales and Marketing framework that helps to manage sales and marketing efforts in any organization. 


Course Outline

• A Brief History of Corporate Sales
• Corporate Strategy Overview
• Aspects of Sales and Marketing
• Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Marketing Strategy Overview
• Corporate Sales Overview


Understand Sales Value Proposition and Determine Corporate Sales Channels
• Understand Sales Value Proposition
• Determine Corporate Sales Channels


Prepare Organization for Sales
• Plan sales Governance
• Determine Sales Targets
• Create Marketing Aspects
• Determine Sales Targets


Training for Corporate Sales
• Sales and Negotiation Training
• Product Training


Sales Process-Prospecting
• Profile Target Customers and Decision Makers
• Lead Generation and Qualification


Sales Process-Conversion
• Needs Assessment for Each Qualified Lead
• Presentation, Overcoming Objection, and Closer


Account Management
• Classification of Accounts and ResourceAllocation
• Corporate Accounts Alignment
• Client Management


The theory sections mentioned here will be aided by case studies, exercises and simulations for practical and experiential learning.


Exam Format

  • Multiple choice

  • 40 questions

  • One mark awarded for each correct answer

  • No negative marks for incorrect answers

  • 30 questions must be answered correctly to pass

  • 60-minute duration

  • Online unproctored exam


Upon completion of the coursework, the SMstudy® Certified Corporate Sales Associate exam will validate your basic understanding of Corporate Sales. On passing the exam, you will be accredited as a SMstudy® Certified Corporate Sales Associate.


This course is included in the Free Subscription.


What You'll Also Get

  • High quality online videos
  • Study materials
  • Mobile Apps
  • Engaging case studies
  • Full-length simulated exam
  • Chapter tests
  • Study guides and podcasts
  • SMstudy Certified Digital Marketing Corporate Sales Associate certification by SMstudy


Audience Profile

Anyone interested in knowing more about Corporate Sales can take this course and exam for free.



There is no formal prerequisite for this course.