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Marketing Research Associate Certification (SCMR-A)

Marketing Research Associate Certification (SCMR-A)


The SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Associate (professional credentials: SCMR-A) course is tailored to anyone interested in knowing various marketing methods; learning key concepts in Marketing Research as defined in the SMstudy® Guide; and gaining a basic understanding of the Marketing Research framework that helps to conduct marketing research and to analyze sales and marketing data.


Course Outline 

• A Brief History of Marketing Research
• Corporate Strategy Overview
• Aspects of Sales and Marketing
• Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Marketing Strategy Overview
• Marketing Research Overview

Define Research Problem and Choose Research Design
• Design Research Problem
• Choose Research Design


Data Collection
• Collect Secondary Data
• Collect Primary Data


Data Processing and Data Analysis
• Data Processing
• Data Analysis


Data Interpretation and Reporting
• Data Interpretation
• Reporting


• Data
• Statistical Measurement of Data
• Probability
• Random Variables and Probability Distributions
• Sampling Distributions
• Methods of Least Square
• Analysis with Statistical Package


This course is included in the Free Subscription.


Upon completion of the coursework, the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Associate exam will validate your basic understanding of Marketing Research. On passing the exam, you will be accredited as a SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Associate


Exam Format

  • Multiple choice

  • 40 questions

  • One mark awarded for each correct answer

  • No negative marks for incorrect answers

  • 30 questions must be answered correctly to pass

  • 60-minute duration

  • Online unproctored exam


What You'll Also Get

  • High-quality online videos
  • Classroom study materials
  • Mobile Apps
  • Engaging case studies
  • Full-length simulated exam
  • Chapter tests
  • Study guides and podcasts
  • SMstudy Certified Marketing Research Associate certification by SMstudy


Audience Profile

Anyone interested in gaining entry level knowledge and certification in Marketing Research can enrol for the course free of charge (our compliments).



There is no formal prerequisite for this course.