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Authentic! in social media as advised by digital marketing consultant

In today's world of internet information at your finger tips one cannot say 'it's never enough!'

We could say though, 48 hours aren't enough not even 72 hours! The amount of information that one can consume is limited by not only time but one's brain capacity to make sense of it all. It is thus imminent one consume REAL authentic information.

Nothing is more important than authenticity in today's business world. As a digital marketing consultant and startup mentor, I always tell my clients and stakeholders that you may fake something somehow without being caught but you will never feel RIGHT!

I would like to share a little about the Principle of Authenticity in business...

Why does the social media progressing in such importance versus the traditional media? What do you see in trains and tubes whilst you traverse in the public transit system? Where were the common sight of people reading physical newspapers and books?

People want free and authentic news and information but not those which are doctored nor partial truths from the traditional media. This is especially true to the new generations Y or Millennial and Z. If you are serious in running a sustainable business please come clean (on your entire business process and service delivery)! Everyone of us value sincerity and truth so why can't we just be straight about facts? You know very well that your prospects and customers judge your salespeople's representations and your marketing messages in their authenticity and sincerity so GIVE it to them ALL. That is also why they value social media as an authentic means to really know your products and services. Here, they can 'listen' to what their friends and the public talk about your products and services. They do not wish to hear from the advertiser, i.e. YOU as businesses we are always biased in our representations.

Being REAL and TRUTHFUL shall force you to REALly look at your entire business value chain and create REAL value to your CUSTOMERS and YOUr business ($$ though not what I'm trying to say, cheers :)

We help you to build REAL CORPORATE VALUES as an ethical digital marketing consultant. Alternatively, we can train your staff to become Certified Digital Marketers with our certified digital marketing course.

Article by Jesuit Loh, Chief Venture Officer at OnlyVenture Consulting

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