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Through Various Additional Practices


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Digital Marketing
Extra Elements

Social Media Marketing Professional Certification 

With over 1 billion people having a social media account, the marketing opportunity presented to you is enormous. Know how to effectively tap into your target audience, and connect boundlessly with your valued customers and prospects worldwide via the use of social media, with our Social Media Professional certification (SCSMM-P). Learn the 21st-century approach to social media marketing, to significantly contribute to the overall success of a corporate marketing performance or your own shop.

Email Marketing Professional Certification 

Know how to leverage the use of email in your digital marketing activity, to create a long-lasting customer relationship with our Email Marketing Professional certification (SCEM-P). Learn how to leverage the use of email marketing to create inclusive brand awareness, customer engagement and customer loyalty for years to come, with emailing being one of a few digital communicational tools widely used across people from different age groups.

Affiliate Marketing Professional Certification

Learn ways to generate additional income through affiliate marketing with our Affiliate Marketing Professional certification (SCAFM-P). For anyone who is looking to increase their income streams, using technology and creativity to run affiliate marketing. Equally, it is also suitable for anyone who wants to become a professional affiliate marketer and gain professional credentials for your own credibility in affiliate marketing.


Search Marketing Professional Certification

Bring your online customers who are searching for a product your business is perfectly serving to visit your website, with our Search Marketing Professional certification (SCSM-P). Learn the various approaches you can use to make your website link appear at the top of any search engine. Craft a unique search marketing technique to catch your online audience and increase sales to your website. 

Web Analytics Professional Certification

Extract the insights and interpret digital marketing data accurately, for effective informed decision making. Enhance your digital marketing performance with an objective mindset, with minimized subjectivity, for a sharp and data-driven digital marketing practice, solidly improving your next campaign performance. Learn all the data-centric techniques in Web Analytics Professional Certification (SCWA-P) certification.