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Expand Business Partnerships For Your Revenue Growth With B2B Sales


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Corporate Sales Associate Certification

Know the fundamental concepts to gain a basic understanding of Corporate Sales principles under the right framework with Corporate Sales Associate certification (SCCS-A). For anyone interested in learning more about business-to-business (B2B) sales, starting from the basic building blocks of 21st-century corporate sales knowledge.

Corporate Sales Professional Certification

Become the facilitator of the corporate sales (B2B) process to ensure effective corporate sales are being followed and properly executed. Develop all the essential skills to become a competent account management professional, with Corporate Sales Professional certification (SCCS-P). For anyone interested in sharpening their corporate sales skills with some corporate sales familiarity already at hand.

Business handshake for a closed deal, successful negotiation.


Corporate Sales Specialist Certification

Stronger your corporate sales facilitation skills from pre-sales processes to customer retention, with Corporate Sales Specialist certification (SCCS-S). Manage and oversee account management processes and generate leads for B2B effectively, for a solid new business partnership formation and exponential revenue growth.

Corporate Sales Expert Certification

Build strong and authentic business relationships for a sustainable business. Effectively negotiate for an optimal mutual agreement, creating a win-win scenario that also serves your company best. Learn how to follow up like a true expert in corporate sales, with Corporate Sales Expert certification (SCCS-E).

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