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For Your Corporate Success of The 21st Century


a marketing executive plans for the next strategic move


Marketing Strategy Associate Certification

Begin your sharp strategic thinking for marketing with Marketing Strategy Fundamentals or Associate certification (SCMS-F). Starting from the essence of strategic frameworks. Know exactly how to approach strategic planning and through which lens. Setting the right lens for your corporate strategic thinking for sharp marketing envisions going forward and beyond. 

Marketing Strategy Professional Certification

Deeper your strategic thinking with Marketing Strategy Professional certification (SCMS-P). Know how to create a sharp Unique Value Proposition for your product and brand, define metrics and budget necessary to keep track and meet corporate marketing objectives. Covering all the essential skills in creating a highly effective marketing strategy for a successful company of the 21st century. 

CMO outlining marketing strategies to teams using a white board.


Marketing Strategy Specialist Certification

Oversee your corporate marketing at a more macro-level, effectively facilitating your corporate strategy with high efficiency, for the overall success of your company with Marketing Strategy Specialist certification (SCMS-S). Covering all the essential aspects in crafting a complex marketing strategy, needed for corporate successes, no matter how complex and ever-changing an external environment may be. 

Marketing Strategy Expert Certification

Become an expert in creating a marketing strategy amidst the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world with a Marketing Strategy Expert certification (SCMS-E). Combining the facilitating skills for marketing strategy, overseeing the big-picture of marketing scope and creating a highly effective marketing strategy, for your company at a macro level.